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Aloe Ferox Juice

Packed with Vitamin C, E, calcium and magnesium and the only plant source of Vitamin B12, makes aloe vera juice an ideal supplement for vegans and vegetarians. This water dense juice is great for hydration. Ideal for post workout hydration. Aloe detoxifies the liver and is a natural laxative. Rich  in antioxidants, aloe neutralises the effects of UV radiation. It's anti-inflammatory properties help to aid digestion for a healthy gut. Hydrating aloe ferox juice may help reduce the frequency and appearance of acne. It may also help reduce skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Aloe Fibre (Wild harvested) 300g

Wild harvested Aloe Ferox Fibre:  
Fibre is a critically important nutrient in your everyday diet.  Organic, Wild-harvested Aloe Ferox Fibre is fast becoming known as the superior fibre to use. It is Gluten Free, and unlike most other fibre, it has no Phytic acid or Phytates that block absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.  Phytates are present in all seed or grain based dietary fibres such as bran, oats and ispaghula. Aloe Ferox Fibre is naturally high in Iron and dietary fibre and a source of Prebiotics. Blend in smoothies, muesli, gluten free bread, low carb tortillas, pancake and muffins mixes. It’s also Vegan-friendly, making it an ideal addition to your favourite vegan delights.

Primal Collagen – Hydrolysed Protein Peptides (500g)

Primal Protein provides Bioavailable Protein without the Carb count to support: Skin, hair and nail growth, Joint health and recovery, tighten sagging skin, help improve tone/cellulite. High bioavailability and stable under acidic conditions. May improve digestion by binding to water and help food move more easily through the digestive tract. The hydrolyzed collagen protein has specific amino acids to build muscle and enhance body toning.